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Artist Statement

Through my work, I challenge the notion of representation vs. re-presentation. I use various objects and forms to push these ideas.
Representing something involves the idea of “a” while re-presenting involves the idea of “the”
(ex: “a chair” vs. “the chair”)

Currently I am working with latch hook rugs. My rugs strongly support this argument by re-presenting “the” chosen floor imagery through the rugs and placing the work exactly on the venue chosen. When the rug is placed outside of the venue in a gallery setting, it represents “a” chosen floor imagery.


25. April. 2012

Representation & Curiosity of the Rug

    A rug is an object used to cover or embellish a small area of the floor. In my work I chose to tackle that definition and create rugs that show what they are covering through means of accurate representation. But what is considered accurate representation? How can I accurately represent something and what will it take? I feel that questions are stronger than statements because it allows the individual to view the work compared to their own experience. Since this kind of rug making is a middle-class craft, many have already experience the grueling labor involved in the creation.

Curiosity plays a role in the viewing of my rugs. Curiosity involves time spent observing an object in order to understand it and is used to catch my viewers attention. When an individual come across my rug, they squat down and hover over the object then usually walk around to inspect it. The shift in materials in relationship to the floor may cause the viewer to wonder, and raise some questions of their own. Their mind will make connections to past experiences with the object and materials, as well as the location and chosen floor imagery.

Rug Re-presentation in JMC 218


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